Canvas Creations

Weekend Workshop in Painting and Portraiture

Introduction to basic drawing skills
  • Understanding proportions, shading techniques, and basic sketching.

  • Practice sessions focusing on landscapes and abstract forms.

Acrylic Painting Techniques
  • Introduction to acrylic paints: properties, mixing colours and application techniques.

  • Painting exercises: exploring texture, layering and blending.

person sketching on notebook using pen
person sketching on notebook using pen
woman painting tree and cliff
woman painting tree and cliff
Oil Painting Techniques
  • Basics of oil paints: differences from acrylics, mediums and brushes.

  • Painting exercises: exploring glazing, impasto and colour mixing.

Portrait Drawing and Painting
  • Anatomy of the human face: proportions and facial features.

  • Portrait Drawing Techniques: from sketching to shading.

  • Introduction to portrait painting in both acrylics and oils.

green and brown mountains under white clouds during daytime
green and brown mountains under white clouds during daytime

Class Structure

Duration: 3 hours per session (weekend morning and afternoon).

Format: Each session includes a mix of theory, demonstration and practical exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students will:

Have a solid understanding of basic drawing skills and techniques.

Be proficient in both acrylic and oil painting techniques.

Have practical experience in portrait drawing and painting.

Develop their own artistic style and be confident in expressing themselves through art.

Extra Activities:

Gallery Visits: Visits to local galleries or art exhibitions to familiar with different art styles.

Guest Artists: Discussions with guest artists to share experiences and techniques.

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