Summer Art Workshop

Landscape Painting:

Capture the beauty of nature on paper as you learn the techniques of landscape painting. From majestic mountains to serene seascapes, let your brushstrokes bring these vistas to life.

Explore Your Creativity at Antah Rang Institute of Fine Art

Summer Art Workshop

Embrace the vibrant hues of summer and dive into a world of artistic expression at Antah Rang Institute of Fine Art's Summer Art Workshop. Nestled in the heart of creativity, our workshop offers a diverse array of activities that cater to every artistic inclination. From traditional techniques to contemporary mediums, there's something for everyone to unleash their imagination and hone their skills.

Activities Include

Chinese Ink Painting:

Delve into the elegance of Chinese ink painting and discover the harmony between ink, brush, and paper. Learn ancient techniques to create graceful strokes and express the essence of your subject with simplicity and finesse.

Mix Media:

Break free from conventional boundaries and experiment with mix media techniques. Blend various materials and textures to create captivating artworks that speak volumes about your creativity.
Charcoal and Ink Drawing:

Master the art of contrast and expression through charcoal and ink drawing. Explore the depths of light and shadow as you sketch intricate compositions with these versatile mediums.

2D Paper Craft:

Unleash your imagination with 2D paper craft. From intricate cutouts to elaborate designs, discover the endless possibilities of paper as you create stunning works of art.
3D Paper Sculpture:

Elevate your paper craft skills to the next level with 3D paper sculpture. Learn the techniques of folding, cutting, and shaping paper to construct captivating three-dimensional artworks.

Foam Craft:

Dive into the realm of foam craft and sculpt unique creations with this versatile material. From whimsical figurines to intricate designs, let your imagination soar as you mold foam into imaginative artworks.
Decorative Tote Bag:

Add a touch of personal flair to your everyday accessories with decorative tote bag painting. Transform a simple canvas tote into a stylish statement piece with your unique designs and patterns.

Resin Art:

Explore the mesmerizing world of resin art and create stunning pieces that showcase depth, texture, and luminosity. Experiment with pigments, additives, and techniques to produce mesmerizing resin masterpieces.
Lippan Folk Art:

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of lippan folk art. Learn traditional techniques passed down through generations and adorn surfaces with intricate mirror work and vibrant motifs.

2D Plaster of Paris Work of Art:

Discover the versatility of plaster of paris as you create captivating two-dimensional artworks. From relief sculptures to textured surfaces, explore the tactile possibilities of this medium.
3D Plaster of Paris Abstract Sculpture:

Sculpt your imagination into reality with 3D plaster of pairs abstract sculpture. Learn the techniques of modelling, carving, and finishing to create dynamic three-dimensional artworks that evoke emotion and intrigue.

Terms and Conditions

Antah Rang Institute of Fine Art Summer Art Workshop: Terms and Conditions

1. Registration & Fees:- Rs.6000/-

1.1 Eligibility: The workshop is open to individuals aged 6 years and above.

1.2 Registration: Participants must complete the off-line registration form and pay the required fee (Rs. 1000/-) to secure a place.

1.3 Fees: Registration fee is non-refundable and the remaining amount (Rs 5000/-) must be paid in full at the time of first class.

1.4 Payment Methods: We accept payment through cash and UPI and online banking.

2. Workshop Details

2.1 Dates and Time: The workshop will run from June 1 to June 15 with sessions held daily from 9 am to 12 pm.

2.2 Venue: The workshop will be held at Antah Rang Institute of Fine Art, 55-C, 3rd Floor, Krishna Villa Beside Gurudwara Pocket 5 Mayur Vihar Pahse-1, Delhi 110091.

2.3 Materials: All art material supplies will be provided by the Institute.

3. Participation

3.1 Attendance: Participants are expected to attend all sessions. In case of unavoidable absence, please inform the institute in advance. If a participant is absent, his/her classes will not be repeated.

3.2 Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to maintain courtesy and respect towards the trainers and fellow participants. Disruptive behavior may result in expulsion from the workshop without refund.

3.3 Health and Safety: Participants must follow all safety guidelines provided by the trainers. Any health conditions that may affect participation must be disclosed during registration.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 Works Created: Participants retain ownership of the artwork created during the workshop.

4.2 Photography and Videography: The Institute reserves the right to take photographs and videos during the workshop for promotional purposes.

5. Cancellation and Refund Policy

5.1 Participant Cancellation: No refund will be issued for cancellations made by participants after registration.

5.2 Institute Cancellation: If the Institute cancels the workshop for any reason, participants will receive a full refund of the registration fee.

5.3 Rescheduling: The Institute reserves the right to reschedule the workshop. Participants will be informed in advance and given the option to attend the rescheduled workshop.

6. Obligation

6.1 Personal Belongings: The Institute is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings during the workshop.

6.2 Injury and Illness: The Institute is not responsible for any injury or illness that may occur during the workshop. Participants are responsible for their own health and safety.

7. Compromise

7.1 Acceptance: By registering for the Workshop, participants agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

7.2 Amendment: The Institute reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be informed to the participants immediately.

For any queries or further information please contact us at 9643912019.

These Terms and Conditions ensure that participants understand the expectations and policies related to the Antah Rang Institute of Fine Art, Summer Art Workshop.